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Corgi Puppy – Looking for a Corgi?
We have Corgi puppies available right now. Our puppies find new homes quickly, so don’t wait. Contact us to find out how you can receive your Corgi puppy before Christmas!Our focus is on breeding and showing champion Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs. Our clients come from all over the United States and even around the World. Click Corgi Pictures to view more of our Corgi puppies.

Most Corgi lovers are looking for top quality breeding, and that’s important to everyone. Why? Because Corgi lovers want the quality of the breed to remain as high tomorrow as it is today. We understand this and promote only exceptional breeding principles that result in Corgi’s of show quality with happy and healthy dispositions.

If you are interested in a Corgi from us, please use our Contact Form

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very energetic and athletic and do well in competing in various competitions as well. If you are not familiar with the breeds and/or have any questions please feel free to Contact us.

We Strive For Good Health 

Adopting a new family member should be a major decision for anyone, that is why health issues should not have to be a part of that equation. We go to great lengths to ensure your puppy will be in the best of health. Our puppies will always be up to date on all their vaccinations and undergo a comprehensive exam by a board certified doctor of veterinarian medicine before they leave our home.

Socialization Matters

We believe a well behaved adult dog is a result of a well trained puppy raised by a caring and responsible breeder. Our puppies are raised by our family, including our children, and are well socialized at an early age because of all the interaction with them. This includes basic bathroom behavior, playing in the yard at an early age, and learning how to respond to affection from their caregiver.

Improving The Breed

We strive to continuously improve our breeding stock and maintain a high level of integrity in our breeding practices. All our dogs receive only the best of care and the results show for themselves. Only the most qualified adults, with regard to health and fitness, are chosen to be used in our breeding program.

We actively ship to many States! Please Contact Us to find out if we can ship to your State (or Country). We understand that offering yourself a puppy is no ordinary purchase. We commit to give you a healthy, trained and “exactly as described” puppy

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